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The busy times at either school, university and work are starting again after a long Christmas break.
Here are some advices for delicious meals when your short on time.

By Annie Skidmore


Life can be hectic and sometimes we need to grab a quick healthy meal rather than spend time cooking in the kitchen. Whether it is work, school, university, holiday, or social plans that means you don’t have a lot of time you need some go-to meals that you can have easily and that still fit your low-protein diet. As a university student I have found some great quick meals you can have in the freezer ready for when you need and here are some of my favourites…


I hope these give you some inspiration and help you out when you’re in a rush! by Annie

  1. VEGGIE SAUSAGE & TOMATO PENNE ARRABIATA – you can’t go wrong with pasta its quick and easy to make, add any veggies and fry using vegan or low protein sausages mix in a suitable pasta sauce and sprinkle with vegan cheese for a delicious quick meal packed with veggies.
  2. JACKFRUIT TIKKA MASALA CURRY & RICE – this can be meal prepped and then frozen. It is made using veggies, jackfruit, and a suitable (freefrom) tikka masala sauce served with suitable rice
  3. AVOCADO ON TOAST/BAGEL/RICE CAKES – a quick go-to favourite lunch of mine is avocado smash on either low-protein or GF toast/bagel or even rice cakes served with salad – great for a hot day!
  4. VEGETABLE PAELLA – again this is a great one to meal prep and freeze! Full of veggies and flavour it is also great in the hot weather!
  5. STIR FRY – again a quick and healthy option and a great way to use whatever veggies you have in your fridge. Just fry the veggies and a suitable sauce (my favourite is light soy sauce and sweet chilli or chow mein) and serve over low-protein spaghetti/noodles.
  6. VEGETABLE FAJITAS – simply fry your chosen veg in seasoning heat up low protein wraps or suitable GF alternatives, add lettuce, veggies, sprinkle with cheese & top with salsa/guac – you could even serve with homemade sweet potato fries!
  7. PESTO PASTA SALAD – a very quick lunch or dinner, add salad to cooked pasta and a suitable pesto for a taste of summer!
  8. VEGETABLE PIZZA – this can be quickly made either fresh or frozen and used when in a rush. Choose either a low-protein or GF pizza base, add passata, fry veggies and top them along with suitable cheese and herbs on the pizza and enjoy!
  9. VEGETABLE CHILLI – this is a great one to batch cook and have a few portions in the freezer. It can be served with rice, garlic bread, veggies, or over a jacket sweet potato, and sprinkled with suitable cheese.
  10. STUFFED JACKET POTATO – this can be made with either regular or sweet potato made quicker by microwaving it and then adding your chosen filling!


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