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During the warm summer months, it can be hard to know what to eat and this makes the PKU diet harder – especially when eating out or abroad. Here I have out together a few of my favourite recipes that are quick, easy, and perfect for a hot summer’s day.

by Annie Skidmore


  1. Classic pasta salad – use any low protein pasta/couscous, mix in salad/veggies and drizzle over some suitable salad dressing.
  2. Stuffed sweet potato – sweet potato mash topped with any veggies/spaghetti hoops/chilli combination sprinkled with cheese is easy, tasty & filling.
  3. Veggie burger & salad – get creative and make a low protein burger, paired with a suitable roll and side salad for those summer feelings. Why not add corn and sweet potato fries to make it a summer BBQ meal?
  4. Pesto pasta – another great meal to have in the sun and it can be made with veggies or salad perfect for lunch or dinner.
  5. Avocado toast/bagel – this is a quick and tasty combination and can be suited to all exchanges, topped with tomatoes, chilli, and pepper for the ultimate lunch!


  1. Fruit salad – a perfect tasty snack especially in the heat, not only will the fruit hydrate you but it will fill you with the nutrients essential for development. Try get in-season fruit e.g., watermelon or make smoothies with frozen fruit for a frozen dessert!
  2. Ice lollies/cream/sorbet – a great way to cool down and a refreshing summer snack.
  3. Dried fruit – another healthy snack and ideal for those on few exchanges, my personal favourites are dried apricots and dates (they go perfect in yogurt bowls).
  4. Crackers, salad, crisps & dips – a tasty snack which can be made exchange free or not depending on the foods used but a great one for all the family.
  5. Yogurt – this can be a way to use some exchanges and be a refreshing snack when filled with fruit and even some cereal to make a tasty snack or even a summer breakfast.

    Don’t forget…Summer is for enjoying the sunshine and tasty food – so get creative and try new recipes! But…remember the simple ones for when you are away or busy and need a quick snack or some picnic ideas!

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