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Challanges in the workplace

Challenges in the workplace

Paul, our UK Mevalia blogger, explains in a series of articles how is life with PKU in his personal opinion.

Rather than opting for further education, I went straight into the workplace after leaving school. I felt the workplace would be the best approach, considering how my mind had coped in the classroom environment, but I never considered how the very same issues (which made school seem so tiresome) might affect my working life too.

The first job I had was working for an administrational training company, who provided training towards an NVQ qualification and arranged a placement to enable working experience, and I was on a salary of a whopping £40 a week!

I was paid equally as much for the milk round I was doing in my school days, but at least in an office I’d be less likely to drink the protein fuelled white stuff. (No wonder I felt the way I did in the classroom).

My eating habits hadn’t improved at all, though.

In fact, in the early stages of secondary school, the doctor who was dealing with my PKU had removed me from their list of patients – meaning I was no longer being treated at all.

No formula. No PKU foods. No blood tests.


The doctor could see no reason for me to remain on the diet, at all (because I was heavily cheating).

My parents were determined for the doctor to understand the rebellious nature of teenagers, but any meetings to allow the doctor to understand (and to highlight my parents’ efforts at home), were unsuccessful and I continued to go wild with protein – but now without formula.

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