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Mevalia Low Protein is a new range of tasty foods created by Dr. Schär, designed for those with inherited metabolic disorders including phenylketonuria (PKU), chronic kidney disease, maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), tyrosinaemia, homocystinuria and urea cycle disorders
While developing Mevalia Low Protein we listened to people following a low-protein diet and created just what they said they wanted - great tasting, and convenient food. Designed to replace traditional grain based products, Mevalia Low Protein foods not only look and taste yummy, they also meet the nutritional requirements for those following special, low protein diets. All our products contain less than 1g protein per 100g serving.


A DR. SCHÄR BRANDDr. Schär is a company with than 30 years’ experience supporting those with special dietary needs. We specialize in the research, development and production of innovative dietetic foods for those with inborn errors of metabolism.  Today, Dr. Schär foods are recognized worldwide for their excellent composition, taste, texture and ease of preparation.


At Dr. Schär our team of food chemists, food scientists, food technologists and dietitians work closely with doctors, hospitals and patients to ensure all our products meet the very highest international safety and quality standards. Our innovative research and development team has nurtured a reputation for creating food lines designed to improve quality of life for people who have to follow special diets under medical supervision. We are totally committed to providing information, practical tips and made-to-measure recipes that enable customers to relax and enjoy their food while meeting their daily nutritional requirements.


The Mevalia Low Protein product range provides high quality low-protein foods that not only look appetizing but are nutritious and full of flavor too. Why not see what all the excitement is about and try some great new low protein foods for yourself? Start with our soft, tasty bread that’s ready to eat straight from the packet!
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